Emergency Room Errors And Mistakes

The emergency room of almost any hospital has become an area where medical errors commonly occur and are often overlooked. Because of the increasing load of patients and the need to prioritize or "triage" patients by order of medical urgency, many things can go wrong in an emergency room. If a patient eventually receives the proper care or is admitted to the hospital for further testing and treatment, emergency room errors are of little consequence. However, when the patient is improperly discharged from the emergency room and is told that there is nothing wrong, and a diagnosis is missed or overlooked, emergency room errors can have devastating consequences. A common example is a patient presenting with chest pain and receiving a diagnosis of an upset stomach or gastric reflux and sent home, only to later have a heart attack.

If you feel you were improperly diagnosed or treated in the emergency room, you could have a medical malpractice or negligence case. Please contact our office.