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Miracle 'Morgue' Baby Survives After Being Sealed in a Coffin for 12 Hours

Veron - whose name means "Miracle Light" in Spanish - was born in April. Upon  her delivery, doctors pronounced her dead. That would have probably been the  most likely outcome: Veron was premature, born an incredible three months early.  The baby showed no signs of life. Nearly immediately, she was shipped off to the  morgue.

In fact, little Luz is only alive today because her parents asked to see her  one final time in order to say goodbye. Her mother brought a camera for the  baby's funeral. Her husband, Fabian Veron, struggled to open the lid and stepped  aside for her to uch her daughter. After being sealed in a coffin for 12  hours, Luz moved and let out a tiny cry. She was cold as ice, but she was far  from dead.

Luz's battle to health has been a long one, but it does appear to be working.  She is four months old now, and was able to travel with her mother, Analia  Bouter. She has grown larger and become stronger, but doctors say that she is  still not ready to go home yet.

Her condition is indeed serious. Hugo Ramos, the deputy director of the  hospital in bucolic Resistencia, where she will be cared for, says that she  suffered internal bleeding, neurological damage, and still requires a respirator  to breathe. Still, she is in stable condition.

After four months, her parents seem very aware about the difficulty of her  situation. Speaking with cautious optimism to the Associated Press,  Bouter said that they hoped that she would become well enough to care for her,  but accepted the challenges. She said that they would see how to prepare the  house in order to take care of her

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