A soothing routine can help calm your fussy baby and give you some peace.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these suggestions:

  • Swaddle the infant using a large, lightweight blanket.
  • Snuggle your baby either lying on her left side (helps digestion) or on her belly.
  • Play soothing sounds, such as a white-noise machine.
  • Walk around while holding your baby, or rock her gently.
  • Avoid feeding your baby too much, which can make her tummy hurt. Let her suck on a pacifier if it’s not time to eat.
  • If you suspect a food sensitivity and you breastfeed, try changing your diet. If you bottle feed, changing formulas may help. Discuss this with your pediatrician.
  • Track your baby’s daily schedule of feedings, nap times, wake times and fussy times. Restrict each daytime nap to a maximum of three hours.


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