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The high incidence of medical malpractice

Ask anyone to name the top three diseases for catastrophic injury or death in the U.S. Most of the time, people cite the top three as cancer, cardiac failure and traumatic accidents. The CDC's top three are heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease.

The third leading cause of catastrophic injury or death 

Of the leading causes of disease and death listed by the CDC, there is a glaring omission. Would people be surprised to learn the CDC does not include statistics on medical malpractice deaths in its research?

Johns Hopkins performed an eight-year study of malpractice deaths. The results are shocking. The researchers' data proved medical malpractice errors are the third leading cause of death in America. Johns Hopkins urged the CDC to include medical malpractice counts in their statistics. The CDC chose to ignore the recommendation.

Why is this a problem? Each year, a staggering amount of money flows into medical research on cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. The CDC's list drives research funds to medical schools, private and government researchers and non-profits, along with public-awareness advertising in the media, schools and family doctors' offices.

Medical errors are not on the list that generates the most publicity and funded research for malpractice solutions. Consequently, people are unaware that medical errors are the real third highest killer in the nation. 

A case of public outrage

Until America's citizens begin to question and hold medical personnel and facilities responsible for their fatal errors, the third leading cause of death will continue to rob lives behind closed doors. Americans who feel they or their loved ones have been on the receiving end of medical malpractice can demand justice and compensation for the mental and physical harm suffered. 

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