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Surgical error leaves woman with need for life-long dialysis

When a patient is required to undergo surgery, there are many concerns, such as mistakes being made. Most, if not all, surgical errors are preventable. As a result, many experts refer to these instances as "never events." Yet, the sad truth is that these errors occur with much more frequency than they should. Tired, careless and otherwise negligent medical professionals make mistakes that leave patients at risk of suffering serious harm. Those who are injured by a surgical error and are lucky enough to survive the ordeal can be left with extensive damages, as one recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit attests.

There, a woman has filed a claim against a hospital and the doctors who performed an operation that was supposed to address a problem with her kidney. According to her claim, the women went to the hospital complaining of pain in her side and a fever. It was subsequently recommended that a mesh tube be inserted in her left kidney with the intent of it running through her urinary system and into her bladder to prevent collapse. However, the woman alleges that doctors, while performing the correct procedure, conducted it on the wrong kidney and the wrong side of her body. As a result of this error, the woman claims to have suffered extensive damage to her urinary tract system, requiring life-long dialysis and an additional surgery to correctly place the tubing.

This error is completely unacceptable. Hospitals and medical professionals have a number of safeguards in place to prevent these kinds of incidences from occurring. In fact, the hospital in question may have had at least three of these safeguards in place in order to prevent surgical error. The victim claims that only gross negligence could have led to the outcome that resulted.

Being injured by medical malpractice can be life-altering. Victims shouldn't just sit back and accept what has come to them. Instead, they should take legal action to find accountability and perhaps recover the compensation to which they are entitled. Qualified medical malpractice attorneys stand ready to assist with this process.

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