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Stephen Goethel: MAJ Pacesetter

Stephan Goethel: MAJ Pacesetter

Two people influenced Ann Arbor attorney Stephen Goethel's decision to become an attorney.  "A fictional motivator was Atticus Finch for his role in To Kill a Mockingbird which I read in a High School Lit class.  The non-fictional person was my Dad.  He had a tremendous work ethic and wanted me to follow in his footsteps in the business world.  He knew how much I wanted to go into law. In the end, he stepped aside and encouraged me to pursue my dreams," said Goethel.

VERDICT---Procedure goes wrong, results in brain damage

Plaintiff says doctor went in incorrect order, surgery aborted intra-operatively

In a lawsuit filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, and consolidated with a lawsuit filed in State of Michigan Court of Claims, plaintiff Angela Smith, next friend to plaintiff Alexander Miller, sought compensatory damages from defendants Dr. Eric Devaney; University of Michigan Board of Regents; University of Michigan Health Center; and the University of Michigan Hospital, on claims of severe brain- and heart-related damage arising from cardiac surgery that had to be aborted intra-operatively. 
The intended operation on Miller, by Devaney, was a complex heart surgery designed to revise a prior heart surgery performed some 17 years before to treat a congenital heart defect.

At the outset of surgery after opening Miller's chest, there was a tear of the right atrium with resulting hemorrhage and a need to resuscitate the patient with blood transfusions. Thereafter, as Devaney then attempted to "mobilize the chest," he tore Miller's aorta, resulting in even more hemorrhage and a surgical crisis. Additional surgeons were summoned emergently to assist, and more resuscitation was required.

SETTLEMENT-Vascular, pancreatic injury during surgery leads to death

Communication failures cited for misdiagnosis, unperformed intervention

 Donna Weyek, serving as personal representative of the Estate of Mary Roush, sought compensatory damages from defendant Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) on claims of medical malpractice and wrongful death. Roush was referred to HFHS for evaluation of an "entirely asymptomatic" adrenal mass by her treating urologist. Diagnostic imaging demonstrated the mass was benign. Given the size and benign nature of the mass, no surgical intervention was warranted. HFHS urologists undertook surgery anyway, telling Roush it would be a simple robotic procedure and she would be discharged the next day.

At deposition, one of the urologists admitted that the surgery was ill advised, claiming that he undertook it because the patient insisted. The urologist's reasoning was contrary to his own operative report and records.

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