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Medical malpractice: the importance of informed consent

Preparing to receive medical treatment in Michigan can be scary. Some treatments are relatively minor, but others can have serious side effects and risks associated with them that can prove quite dangerous. For this reason it is imperative that patients are fully informed before making a healthcare decision that they believe is in their best interests.

Common defenses to medical malpractice claims

Although most Michigan medical malpractice cases result in settlement, those who have been harmed by hospital negligence need to be prepared to take a case to trial in the event that settlement cannot be reached. By having one's case prepared for litigation, a victim may also give himself or herself more bargaining power at the negotiation table, which can thereby increase the chances that resolution can be reached. While a victim will obviously need to be prepared to present facts to support his or her claim, it is also imperative to anticipate any potential defenses that may be raised so that they can be effectively countered.

Damages awarded in medical malpractice birth injury case

Giving birth to a child should be something that fills an expectant mother with anticipation and joy. Although most children are born healthy, while protecting the mother's safety and well-being, there are times when errors are made that result in serious harm to the child, the child's mother or both. A birth injury can have significant ramifications for a child, too, as illustrated by one medical malpractice lawsuit that was won by a Michigan family.

Women giving birth at risk of medical malpractice

Michigan women who are eagerly awaiting the birth of a child should be filled with excitement and anticipation, not fear. Yet, a new study conducted by USA Today shows that expecting mothers may be at more risk of harm than many realize. For these women and their families, medical malpractice can change their lives for the worse and for years, or even decades, to come.

Medical malpractice claim results in large recovery

Michigan residents who are unexpectedly hit with a debilitating medical condition expect to be quickly diagnosed and effectively treated by the medical professional they choose to see. While most doctors and nurses carry out their duties in a competent fashion, others fail to do so. This, in turn, puts innocent and unsuspecting patients at risk of suffering serious harm. Those who fall victim to doctor negligence can be shocked by the extent of their damages. Depending on the medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages involved, the losses can be enormous.

We aggressively negotiate and litigate medical malpractice claims

Although Michigan doctors take an oath promising to do their patients no harm, far too often, medical mistakes lead to undeserved and completely avoidable injuries. Last week, we discussed how this can occur when a medical professional fails to obtain informed consent before proceeding with a course of treatment, but that is merely one of the many ways a doctor or hospital can be negligent. A medical condition may be misdiagnosed or never diagnosed, and surgical errors can occur.

Informed consent and medical malpractice

Going to a Michigan doctor should not be a scary endeavor. After all, these medical professionals have spent years, sometimes, even decades, educating themselves and gaining experience in their particular field. Although most medical professionals are able to provide their patients with competent, safe care, sometimes, they make errors that can be catastrophic for patients.

When should you seek a second opinion?

Major medical diagnoses are life-changing events, which is why it can be surprising when people discover how rare it actually is to seek out a second opinion following the announcement of such a diagnosis-or the exclusion of it. In fact, there was a Gallup survey of Americans in the mid-2000s that covered 5,000 contributors and found that just about half reported never seeking a second opinion at all.

The dangers of using social media when fighting a medical malpractice case

Every person should feel confident in their doctor's ability to treat them effectively. If you're suffering from any type of ailment, the first thing you do is see a doctor. So what happens when your doctor makes an error that causes harm to you?

Who can you sue for medical malpractice?

A medical malpractice claim is not necessarily against your doctor or only against the doctor. A nurse can commit malpractice. The hospital itself or manufacturers of medical products could be liable. Or all of the above. It's not about a scattergun approach. It's about identifying the medical professionals or entities who contributed to your family's tragedy and holding them accountable.

Local Affiliation With Accomplished Trial Lawyers

Our partners are available as local counsel to out-of-state law firms in Michigan medical malpractice and personal injury litigation. Inquiries and referrals welcome.

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