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Past Settlements And Verdicts

  • Jury Verdict $17 M

    Surgical/Hospital Negligence: Routine outpatient procedure resulted in leg amputation, paralyzation and lengthy 6 month hospitalization.

  • Jury Verdict $3.65 M

    Surgical/hospital negligence: Surgeons violate patient safety rules causing bowel perforation during hysterectomy. Doctors further endanger the patient by disregarding patient’s deterioration over three days, progressing to respiratory failure, septic shock and coma, multiple surgeries, abdominal reconstruction and permanent disability.

  • Settlements $6.275 M

    Sexual assaults by hospital employee: Brain-injured patients sexually assaulted by social worker during treatment in traumatic brain injury program.

  • Jury Verdict $2.5 M

    Surgical/hospital negligence: Heart surgeon violates safety rules, causes massive bleeding during cardiac surgery resulting in severe brain damage.

  • Settlement $1.2 M

    Surgical error; medication error: Failure to provide antibiotics after bowel nicked during surgery leads to necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) coma, profound disfigurement.

  • Settlement $1.9 M

    Birth trauma: Failure to properly monitor labor by doctor and nurses leads to birth asphyxia and cerebral palsy.

  • Settlement $1.2 M

    Negligent diagnosis: Failure to recognize hospitalized patient suffering from blood clots in legs (DVT) leads to pulmonary embolism and death.

  • Settlement $850,000

    Delayed diagnosis of cancer: Doctors’ failure to recognize significance of ongoing sore throats leads to delay in diagnosis of throat cancer.

  • Settlement $2 M

    Pediatric negligence: Failure to properly assess toddler with fevers and seizures leads to permanent brain injury and disability.

  • Jury Verdict $502,000

    Surgical negligence: Surgeon lies regarding experience performing new surgical technique and botches low back surgery.

  • Jury Verdict $650,000

    Hospital negligence: Failure to diagnose highly treatable non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma results in death of 59-year-old woman.

  • Settlement $1 M

    Medication error: Leads to highly aggravated seizure disorder, diminished blood counts requiring weekly blood transfusions.

  • Settlement $1 M

    Automobile/truck negligence: Beer truck pulls in front of family causing multiple injuries to father.

  • Settlement $625,000

    Negligence in performing angioplasty: Rupture of artery during simple outpatient procedure leads to undiagnosed bleeding and death.

  • Jury Verdict $750,000

    Negligent diagnosis: Failure to assess hereditary cancer syndrome leads to delayed diagnosis of ovarian cancer and death.

  • Settlement $500,000

    Automobile negligence: Truck crosses center line hitting mother and 3 year old, causing multiple crush injuries.

  • Settlement $505,000

    Surgical negligence: Surgeon fails to repair cerebral spinal fluid leak leading to permanent nerve damage.

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