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Drugged driving may become bigger problem in Michigan

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Michigan, drivers now have an additional thing to worry about when they take to the road: drugged driving. While many individuals are familiar with the dangers posed by drunk driving, many don't realize the full affects of drugged driving. However, drugged driving can be just as dangerous if not more so than drunk driving.The affect a drug has on an individual's ability to drive safely, of course, depends on the drug involved. For example, heroin and other opiates can cause extreme drowsiness and memory problems. Therefore, an individual who has taken hydrocodone or injected heroin will likely have trouble staying awake behind the wheel. Softer drugs, though, like marijuana are not any safer. In fact, marijuana can cause slowed reaction times as well as impaired judgment and a distorted sense of time and space. This can cause a motorist to fail to stop at a stop sign or stoplight, or he or she may fail to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Either way, the dangers are very real.The terrifying reality is that drugged driving is becoming much more common, too. In 2017 alone nearly 13 million people over the age of 16 admitted to driving while under the influence of illicit substances. Many fear is that the legalization of marijuana will contribute to this growing problem. However, only time will tell just how big of a problem drug driving will be now that marijuana has been legalized.Those injured in an automobile accident can face very significant consequences. The damages inflicted upon them can be wide-reaching and long-lasting. Their losses can be physical, emotional, and financial in nature. When an injurious accident leaves an individual hurt, and that accident was caused by the negligence of another, then legal action may be justified. Personal injury attorney stand ready to help these victims.

Medical malpractice: the importance of informed consent

Preparing to receive medical treatment in Michigan can be scary. Some treatments are relatively minor, but others can have serious side effects and risks associated with them that can prove quite dangerous. For this reason it is imperative that patients are fully informed before making a healthcare decision that they believe is in their best interests.

This is the purpose of the requirement for medical professionals to obtain informed consent prior to engaging in medical treatment. In order for informed consent to be valid, a doctor must provide a patient with a significant amount of information that is clear, understandable and thorough. To start, a doctor must describe the patient's diagnosis and the prognosis if it goes untreated. Then, he or she must discuss the type of treatment being proposed as well as its intended purpose. Alternative treatment options must also be discussed, regardless of their likelihood of success or cost. The risks of these treatment options must also be detailed, but so too should the potential benefits.

Truck maintenance can increase car accident risk

Semi-trucks are an important part of the nation's economy. These big rigs and their drivers are tasked with transporting vast amounts of goods and services from place-to-place, thereby ensuring that manufacturers, suppliers and consumers are well-supplied. As a result, semi-trucks are prevalent on Michigan's roadways. Motorists who find themselves intimidated by these massive vehicles have good cause. After all, an error in driving a semi-truck can result in a serious truck accident that can leave victims seriously injured or killed.

Yet, negligent driving is the only characteristic that can contribute to a truck accident. An improperly maintained truck, for example, can pose a substantial risk to other motorists. This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the maintenance and repair of big rigs. Those regulations specify that a trucking company must inspect, repair and maintain its fleet to ensure safety. This duty is primarily placed on trucking companies that must conduct annual inspections, but truckers have a duty, too. More specifically, they must complete post-trip inspection reports to help identify any defects that may necessitate repair.

Common holiday injuries and public safety

Injuries happen every day, and during the holidays, the number of accidents increases. While some accidents occur due to personal error, others are due to the negligence of others.

Being aware of these common types of accidents may help you to avoid serious injury during the holidays. Take some time to review them and the set safety measures that should be in place.

Common defenses to medical malpractice claims

Although most Michigan medical malpractice cases result in settlement, those who have been harmed by hospital negligence need to be prepared to take a case to trial in the event that settlement cannot be reached. By having one's case prepared for litigation, a victim may also give himself or herself more bargaining power at the negotiation table, which can thereby increase the chances that resolution can be reached. While a victim will obviously need to be prepared to present facts to support his or her claim, it is also imperative to anticipate any potential defenses that may be raised so that they can be effectively countered.

There are some common medical malpractice defenses that are worth considering when preparing one's case. The most obvious defense is for a doctor to claim that he or she adhered to acceptable standards of care. In other words, they will claim that they were not negligent in caring for the victim. Here, a plaintiff will just need to be sure to put forth enough evidence to overcome that argument.

$30 Million lawsuit against Pittsfield Township Police

Pittsfield Township Police Officers failed to conduct sobriety test & placed "super drunk" driver back on road that resulted in an accident that killed a Ann Arbor resident. The firm of Goethel Engelhardt PLLC, is representing the family of the Ann Arbor woman killed in the crash. To read more about this case click here.

Damages awarded in medical malpractice birth injury case

Giving birth to a child should be something that fills an expectant mother with anticipation and joy. Although most children are born healthy, while protecting the mother's safety and well-being, there are times when errors are made that result in serious harm to the child, the child's mother or both. A birth injury can have significant ramifications for a child, too, as illustrated by one medical malpractice lawsuit that was won by a Michigan family.

There, a family sued a doctor, nurse and the hospital where their child was born for failing to act reasonably during the birthing process. According to the lawsuit, medical professionals neglected to order a C-section in a timely manner and instead utilized the labor-inducing drug Pitocin, which caused the child to be deprived of oxygen. This deprivation, in turn, caused permanent brain damage to the child, who now suffers from cerebral palsy.

New app seeks to reduce distracted driving

It does not take a genius to recognize that Michigan distracted driving is a prevalent problem. Any of these distractions can significantly increase the chances of being involved in a car accident. Sadly, innocent individuals are caught in the middle of this dangerous driving and are often forced to face the consequences.

Surgical error allegedly leads to man's death

Most Michiganders have endured medical procedures. They probably felt that twinge of fear that tends to strike in the hours or even days leading up to the operation. More often than not, those who undergo surgery find themselves relieved when they wake up to find that the procedure was nothing short of a success. In some instances, though, these operations go horribly wrong, and people are seriously injured or killed as a result.

That was the tragic case for one man who died last year due to a surgical error. According to a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit, the 73-year-old man underwent heart surgery, but, upon completion of the operation, his surgeon discovered that a surgical needle had been left inside the man.

Whiplash is one reason to see your doctor after a crash

You may feel fine, if a little shaken up, immediately after a minor to moderate car accident. However, a day or two later, you start to feel stiff and sore. You might even have difficulty moving your head and neck, and just getting through the day can be excruciating. Like many Michigan residents after a car crash, you may be suffering from whiplash.

Whiplash is such a common injury after car accidents that people tend to discount its potential severity. They may say you just need to rest for a few days, alternate heat and ice and take some Ibuprofen. However, there are valid reasons to see your doctor if you start to have symptoms of whiplash. In fact, it is a good idea to set up an appointment for a checkup after any car accident, whether you are experiencing pain and stiffness or not.

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