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Common ways a negligent surgeon can hurt you

Getting surgery is scary. Whether it is a minor hernia surgery or major brain operation, it is always a bit unnerving. Several things can go wrong during these procedures. While there is always some risk of complications, surgery errors can be dangerous. Most surgeons are professional and reliable, but some are negligent.

Some surgeons can make harmful errors out of carelessness, forgetfulness or confusion. A surgeon who is not competent, careful or sober may hurt you instead of simply addressing your medical issue. The following list explains some common surgical mistakes that can hurt you.

Wrongful death damages are open to legal argument

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is nothing short of tragic. The heartache can be much deeper, though, when the death in question could have been prevented. Sadly, this is an all too real situation faced by many Michigan families. Surviving family members often struggle to find a way to cope with knowing that the negligence of another caused the death of their loved one. They may feel anger, sadness and stress over their future. Fortunately, help is available to these families.

One of the best ways to seek accountability and financial relief is to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the individual who caused a loved one's death. This may be a negligent driver or an errant medical professional. Yet, even if liability can be imposed, a surviving family is still stuck with having to prove the extent of the damages suffered. Neglecting to adequately address this matter could mean that a family is left without the financial resources it needs to get by.

Our firm aggressively advocates for medical malpractice victims

As scary as it may sound, no one is immune to the dangers posed by medical malpractice. Newborn babies can be subjected to traumatic birth injuries that cause brain damage and resulting medical conditions like cerebral palsy, while doctors can fail to diagnose catastrophic diseases, as adults grow older. Surgical errors can leave organs nicked and permanently damaged, and improper medical procedures can result in deadly infections. This isn't meant to deter you from seeking medical attention when you need it, but if you're reading this blog, then you or someone you know has probably already been harmed at the hands of a medical professional.

What can you do to find accountability? Usually the best way is to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. By doing so, you might be able to impose liability and recover compensation for the damages inflicted upon you. This process is about much more than recovering monetary awards, though. It can deter medical professionals from acting negligently in the future, thereby protecting other patients, and it can give you the sense of closure you need to move on with your life.

How negligence presents itself in motorcycle accidents

With the weather starting to slowly warm up, more and more Michigan residents will hop on their motorcycles and hit the road. Although riding a motorcycle can be a peaceful and joyful thing to do, it can also be extremely dangerous. This is primarily because other motorists often act negligently around motorcyclists. Sadly, when a motorcycle accident occurs, riders usually suffer extensive harm. This is because these individuals are without the protections that are afforded by passenger vehicles. While compensation may be recoverable through a personal injury lawsuit, in order to succeed in one of these claims, an individual must successfully show that the errant driver's negligence caused the accident in question.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are a number of ways that a motorist can act negligently. In about two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents, the errant driver violates the motorcyclist's right of way. This is often seen when a passenger vehicle makes a left turn into the path of a motorcyclist without properly yielding to him or her. This may be because visual recognition of motorcycles is diminished due to their small size.

Study highlights medical malpractice involving children

Children are amongst the most vulnerable amongst us. One reason for this is because they are less able to clearly articulate themselves. In the medical context, this can make it challenging for doctors and nurses to identify symptoms of serious injuries or illnesses and make quick and accurate diagnoses. This sometimes leads to improper treatment, which, in turn, can lead to a worsened medical condition or death.

A recently released study helps illustrate the types of medical errors that most often effect children. The study found that newborns that are subjected to medical malpractice most often suffer brain injuries. The most commonly injured body part amongst older children who were subjected to medical error was the brain. The likelihood that these injuries were considered severe reduced with a child's age, meaning that newborns were more likely to suffer serious harm at the hands of medical negligence.

When a car accident causes spinal cord injury and paralysis

One of the most serious injuries you can get from a car accident is a spinal cord injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, car crashes are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries. A motor vehicle collision may cause your spine to flex and the spinal column to compress. This can result in a herniated disc. 

If your spinal cord suffers more devastating damage, it may cause paralysis. Here is what you should know about spinal cord injuries and paralysis after a car accident.

Surgical error leaves woman with need for life-long dialysis

When a patient is required to undergo surgery, there are many concerns, such as mistakes being made. Most, if not all, surgical errors are preventable. As a result, many experts refer to these instances as "never events." Yet, the sad truth is that these errors occur with much more frequency than they should. Tired, careless and otherwise negligent medical professionals make mistakes that leave patients at risk of suffering serious harm. Those who are injured by a surgical error and are lucky enough to survive the ordeal can be left with extensive damages, as one recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit attests.

There, a woman has filed a claim against a hospital and the doctors who performed an operation that was supposed to address a problem with her kidney. According to her claim, the women went to the hospital complaining of pain in her side and a fever. It was subsequently recommended that a mesh tube be inserted in her left kidney with the intent of it running through her urinary system and into her bladder to prevent collapse. However, the woman alleges that doctors, while performing the correct procedure, conducted it on the wrong kidney and the wrong side of her body. As a result of this error, the woman claims to have suffered extensive damage to her urinary tract system, requiring life-long dialysis and an additional surgery to correctly place the tubing.

Injured in an accident? Consider if vicarious liability applies

Semi-trucks seem to be a constant presence on most of Michigan's roadways. Even roads that appear to be out of the way can be utilized by these big rigs to avoid traffic delays and cut time off of their trips. Delivery trucks must also visit businesses even in the smallest communities. This isn't an issue when these trucks are safely driven, but when a driver acts negligently while behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, he or she could cause a truck accident that leaves a victim with extensive damages.

As previously discussed on this blog, a personal injury lawsuit may help these victims recover compensation for their losses. Yet, in many cases, the negligent driver in question is unable to pay the full extent of the damages inflicted. So what is a victim to do? Well, if the trucker was performing his or her job duties at the time of the accident in question, then vicarious liability may apply. This means that his or her employer may also be held accountable for the victim's losses.

Investigation shows medical malpractice during birth common

The birthing process should be one that is filled with joyous anticipation. While this is the case for many Michigan residents, in some instances medical errors result in serious injuries and death. Although the reasons for these errors are sometimes obvious, in a significant number of cases, there is a lack of clarity. Many times, medical professionals claim that pre-existing medical conditions or poor overall health led to complications, but these claims may be veiling the truth.

USA Today conducted a recent study where seven million billing statements were reviewed to identify complications related to the birthing process. The findings were stunning. According to the study, 120 hospitals in 13 states were identified as having nearly double the risk of injury, likely related to medical errors like misdiagnosis. Women at these hospitals have suffered seizures, strokes and heart attacks, and they've even had to undergo hysterectomies due to birthing complications.

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