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$17 million Jury Verdict - Surgical/hospital negligence

$3.650 million Jury Verdict - Surgical/hospital negligence

$3.650 million Jury Verdict -Surgical/hospital negligence

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$1.2 million Settlement - Surgical error; medication error

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Subcompacts, sports cars tend to have more fatal crashes

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to a recent study from, subcompacts and sports cars see the highest rate of fatal crashes of any other vehicle type. Michigan residents who drive a model year 2013-2017 vehicle will be interested in the list that the automotive research firm compiled of vehicles from that period with the highest fatal crash rates. Subcompacts and sports cars each had six vehicles on the list.

First off, the average fatal accident rate for all vehicles was 2.6 cars per billion vehicle miles. For subcompacts and sports cars, it was 4.5 and 4.6. The 14 vehicles on the list all had a fatal crash rate at least twice that of the average. The Hyundai Veloster Turbo and Nissan Versa Note were at the bottom with 5.2. At the top, with a startling rate of 10.2 cars per billion vehicles miles, was the subcompact Mitsubishi Mirage.

The Chevrolet Corvette (9.8), Honda Fit (7.7) and Kia Forte (7.4) followed. Other automakers that were represented were Dodge (Dodge Challenger at number 11) and Subaru (Subaru BRZ at number 6).

Sports cars are built with speed and acceleration in mind, so it’s no wonder they had the highest fatal crash rate. Subcompacts, along with sports cars, have little in the way of safety features, which may partially explain the high rates as well.

Motor vehicle crashes can end in serious injuries, especially for those in a vehicle that does not prioritize safety. Victims whose losses cannot be covered by personal injury protection may be able to file a claim against the responsible driver’s auto insurance company, but they are advised to have legal representation. A lawyer may bring in third parties like investigators and medical experts to help build up the case before commencing negotiations.

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