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Common ways a negligent surgeon can hurt you

Getting surgery is scary. Whether it is a minor hernia surgery or major brain operation, it is always a bit unnerving. Several things can go wrong during these procedures. While there is always some risk of complications, surgery errors can be dangerous. Most surgeons are professional and reliable, but some are negligent.

Some surgeons can make harmful errors out of carelessness, forgetfulness or confusion. A surgeon who is not competent, careful or sober may hurt you instead of simply addressing your medical issue. The following list explains some common surgical mistakes that can hurt you.

Anesthesia errors

Anesthesia is necessary during many operations. You may receive anesthesia so you are unconscious during your surgery. But if you get too much or too little, there can be serious problems. A lack of anesthesia may cause you to experience agonizing pain, while too much may damage your brain due to a lack of oxygen.

Wrong site

With a kidney transplant or leg amputation, you expect the surgeon to perform the operation on the correct body part. Unfortunately, wrong-site operations happen. This is often due to poor communication and planning.

Wrong patient

Even more troubling is if a doctor performs an operation on the wrong patient. Your surgeon may mix you up with another patient due to miscommunication, poor hospital protocol or inadequate pre-operative verification.

Foreign objects left in the body

Surgeons need to use various tools and pieces of equipment during surgery. But you should not wake up from your surgery with a scalpel, clamp, gauze or pad inside your body.

Nerve damage

You expect surgery to resolve a health issue. Sadly, it may cause even more problems if your surgeon makes a mistake and damages a nerve. Nerve damage can cause long-term pain and disability.

If you can prove a negligent surgeon causes you harm, you may be able to secure compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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