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Doctor shortage could lead to medical malpractice

Michiganders who go to the doctor expect prompt and attentive care that will uncover any medical conditions that require further attention, and rightly so. After all, doctors go through years of intense education and training before they are allowed to practice. On an everyday basis, these men and women hold the lives of others in their hands.

Unfortunately, far too many doctors are overworked and fatigued. Recent reports have indicated that this problem might only get worse, as Michigan is expected to see a doctor shortage in the coming years. In fact, recent estimates suggest that the state will need 12 percent more doctors in the next 15 years. Others claim that there are enough doctors now, but say that they are clustered in urban areas, leaving rural individuals without adequate care.

There is some good news. Michigan is keeping on par with the national average for primary practitioners. Researchers also suggest that the problem can be curtailed by increased Medicare reimbursement rates. Other programs, such as student loan forgiveness for doctors who work in underserved communities, can help provide more medical care to rural areas. A doctor shortage is never good. Not only can it lead to some areas being underserved, it can also mean that doctors are personally stretched too thin.

Overworked and tired doctors can easily make a mistake that can result in serious injuries or death. Those who have been hurt by a negligent doctor often have a lot to deal with, including mounting medical expenses and coping with lost wages and other financial damages. . By speaking with a dedicated and skilled medical malpractice attorney, they may be able to find the assistance they need to recoup their losses.

Source: WKAR, “New report outlines remedies to MI primary care doctor shortage,” April Van Buren, June 25, 2015

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