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Five frequent causes of large-truck accidents

Passenger vehicle drivers in Michigan have good reasons to be wary around large commercial trucks. Drivers should be familiar with the top causes of truck accidents so that they can anticipate and avoid certain scenarios on the road. The leading cause of truck accidents is driver error; however, in this case, it’s more often the passenger vehicle drivers who commit the error rather than truck drivers. Errors can include:

• Distracted driving
• Drunk driving
• Speeding and tailgating
• Drowsy driving

Poorly maintained trucks and defective equipment

The second common cause of accidents is poor vehicle maintenance. Truckers can be neglectful of this because they have a duty to inspect their rig before every shift and fill out a maintenance report. Worn brake pads and cracked windshields are just two issues that can raise the risk for a crash. Third, truckers may crash because of a defective part. In such cases, the part manufacturer or the company that sold the truck may be held at fault.

Inexperienced truckers in bad weather

Truckers going too fast for weather conditions are a fourth major factor in accidents as they may hydroplane or jackknife. Lastly, some accidents involve improperly loaded or secured cargo. In the former case, the truck may tip over, and in the latter case, the cargo may spill out onto the road.

Legal help for the victims of a truck crash

Those who are injured in truck crashes may be able to have their losses covered by personal injury protection. If your insurance does not cover your injuries, though, you might file a personal injury claim. A lawyer may explain what the process involves, and crash investigators and medical experts might come in. The lawyer may handle all negotiations with the trucking company’s legal team on your behalf.

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