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For young drivers, blind spots are critical

Young drivers have quite a bit to learn when they first get behind the wheel. Not only are they supposed to actively incorporate the rules of the road, they must understand the importance of safety regulations (both written and unwritten). An example is the need to check one’s blind spot. Indeed, it may be a foreign concept for a new driver, but if this simple step is missed, it could spell disaster.

So when driving a car for the first time, the following steps can help to get your bearings and reduce the possibility of an accident.

Adjust your mirrors – It may go without saying, but adjusting both side view mirrors is important because it enables you to see along each side of the car with the best views possible. You would be surprised with how many people only adjust the driver’s side mirror. The same should be done with the rear view mirror.

Adjust your seat accordingly – You may not realize it when you’re driving, but you could get a better view of your blind spot if you seat is properly adjusted. Proper seat height can allow you to look over your shoulder to check traffic not seen in your mirror.

While these two changes are helpful, drivers have a duty to use reasonable care while driving, and checking one’s blind spot is an integral part of doing so. If a driver fails to use such care and the failure is the proximate cause of an accident, he or she could be held liable for the damages and injuries stemming from the crash.

The preceding is for informational purposes only.

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