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Investigation shows medical malpractice during birth common

The birthing process should be one that is filled with joyous anticipation. While this is the case for many Michigan residents, in some instances medical errors result in serious injuries and death. Although the reasons for these errors are sometimes obvious, in a significant number of cases, there is a lack of clarity. Many times, medical professionals claim that pre-existing medical conditions or poor overall health led to complications, but these claims may be veiling the truth.

USA Today conducted a recent study where seven million billing statements were reviewed to identify complications related to the birthing process. The findings were stunning. According to the study, 120 hospitals in 13 states were identified as having nearly double the risk of injury, likely related to medical errors like misdiagnosis. Women at these hospitals have suffered seizures, strokes and heart attacks, and they’ve even had to undergo hysterectomies due to birthing complications.

The sad reality is that medical malpractice occurs with a frequency that is nightmarish. It can occur to anyone and at any time. Far too often, it goes unnoticed or unreported. This is unacceptable, especially considering the harm that can be caused to patients, in this case women and their children. This is why victims need to carefully document everything and ask a lot of questions. That information, after all, could serve as the foundation for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

While pursuing one of these claims is about recovering compensation to offset damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, it’s also about much more than that. It’s about finding accountability and shining a light on harmful practices that are in desperate need of change. It’s about finding closure and starting a new chapter in life. Pursuing this legal action can be frightening, though, especially when going up against powerful doctors and hospitals. Fortunately, aggressive medical malpractice attorneys stand ready to fight for these victims and their rights.

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