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Medical Malpractice Bills Go To Senate Floor

A package of three medical malpractice bills now heads to the Senate floor after being voted out of the Senate Insurance committee Tuesday.

Opponents say the bills protect the doctors and hurt patients financially, making it harder for them to sue for medical malpractice, according to an Oakland County lawyer who represents several patients who became sick after receiving tainted steroid shots at a Brighton clinic.

The chairman of the committee told 6 News he expects the bills to move to the Senate on Thursday where additional changes will be adopted. However, there has been no word on what exactly those changes will be.

That doesn’t seem to sit well for some, like Jay Jusufi whose wife has been in the hospital with fungal meningitis for six weeks.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen long term. My wife may need other people or possibly going to need long-term care. They won’t be able to possibly even sue,” said Jusufi.

“The bills, as currently written are devastating to families. There’s no question about it,” said lawyer Marc Lipton.

When we spoke with the chairman of the committee, Senator Joe Hune, he called Lipton’s claims ridiculous and false.

Source: http://www.wlns.com/story/20199469/medical-malpractice-bills-go-to-senate-floor

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