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Michigan doctor allegedly reused disposal medical devices

Many Michigan residents are anxiety-ridden when they have to go to the doctor. Their fear is often based on reports of extreme medical neglect and lack of control, both of which are very real concerns. Yet, most of the time, news stories covering incidences of medical malpractice take place far away, giving some a false sense of security. Now one of those reports pertains to a doctor in our backyard.

A Kalamazoo doctor is under fire after it was discovered that he reused certain medical devices, which were intended to be discarded after each use. A former employee even claims that one of these sensors, which are inserted into the body, was used 100 times prior to being discarded. These devices were used to test for medical conditions like constipation and incontinence. Reports also indicate that these devices were only cleaned occasionally between uses. Now, the doctor’s patients are being encouraged to receive testing for HIV and hepatitis.

Although there haven’t been any reports of injuries yet, this doctor’s actions put patients in harm’s way. There’s still a chance that his patients will develop certain diseases and illnesses, which can be devastating to them. Sadly, many patients across the country are susceptible to similar types of medical errors. As a result, they are subjected to pain and suffering, emotional turmoil and financial losses that can stem from medical expenses and lost wages.

It is unacceptable to be harmed by the negligence of a medical professional. For this reason, those who are injured by medical malpractice should consider whether taking legal action is in their best interests. There are a number of legal advocates who are skilled in this field and can help individuals walk through the medical negligence legal process.

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