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Michigan doctor intentionally misdiagnosed patients with cancer

We’ve blogged in the past here on our Ann Arbor medical malpractice law blog about doctors who fail to provide an accurate diagnosis due to negligence. Some of their defenders will respond that they’re only human and not immune to mistakes. Nevertheless, we need to recognize the rights of victims in these cases to seek compensation for their losses through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

We might also point out that because doctors are human, some may fall prey to vices like greed. They may abuse their power to the detriment of their patients. An extreme example from right here in Michigan recently made national headlines.

The doctor plead guilty to repeatedly, intentionally misdiagnosing patients with cancer and prescribing treatments they didn’t need, including chemotherapy, in order to bill Medicare and pocket a multi-million-dollar windfall. One cancer-free patient underwent chemotherapy for over two years, losing all but one of his teeth. Others who did have lower-risk forms of cancer were overprescribed expensive surgeries, chemotherapy and other treatments.

This doctor was recently sentenced to 45 years behind bars. Many of his misdiagnosis victims will have to struggle with their injuries for the remainder of their lives. However, they will also have a chance to recover compensation for some of their financial losses and worsened medical conditions.

The very nature of the doctor-patient relationship requires patients to place nearly absolute trust in their providers. When doing so leaves them suffering injury and financial losses due to the provider’s breach of that trust, a legal professional can help seek justice.

Source: CNN, “Patients give horror stories as cancer doctor gets 45 years,” Sonia Moghe, July 11, 2015

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