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Parents fear new State Senate bill protects malpracticing doctors

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) – Marie Woolen said she sunk into a depression  after finding out the doctor she sent her son to diagnosed him with a condition  he didn’t have.

“It’s been devastating,” said Woolen  She’s one of hundreds of people  involved in a class action lawsuit against Dearborn-based neurologist, Dr.  Yasser Awaad.

The class action lawsuit has hundreds of parents claiming the doctor  diagnosed their children with epilepsy.

They believe the heavy medication their kids were placed on has caused  physical and psychological damage.

“My hopes and dreams have been shattered,” said Woolen. “He can’t be a  doctor, he can’t be a lawyer… his memory is completely distorted.”

“My one daughter’s pills were like 500 and something dollars. There were some  times where I would literally cry.   What do you do? Do you eat? Do you buy  the medicine… I’d rather buy the medicine,” said parent Laura Abdel-Sater.

Now, a new bill is being introduced by Senator Arlan Meekhof, Senator John  Moolenaar, and Senator Virgil Smith and it has the parents worried.

Attorney Brian Benner said it is not tough enough.

Parents involved in the class action lawsuit are concerned the bill would  allow other doctors who commit malpractice to walk away with no  consequences.

“This bill makes a mockery out of the justice system. Whatever happened to  patient safety? We should have patient safety bills,” said attorney Brian  Benner, representing the parents involved.

“It’s like if you go around and say you didn’t do it… it’s okay,” said Laura  Abdel-Sater.

A representative from Senator Moolenaar’s office told 7 Action News they were  in the early stages in the process of legislation.

Still, some mothers who say they have been affected by Dr. Awaad are  uneasy.

“I’m worried if this bill passes my son will not have any recourse,” said  Woolen.

Parents involved in  the class action suit said they will continue to  fight for their children and other kids who could become the victims of  malpractice.

“He shouldn’t have no type of license inflicting this much pain on this many  children,” said Abdel-Sater.

“What I’d like to see happen is dr awaad’s license to be taken away, because  he’s taken advantage of the most vulnerable of our society and they don’t want  to see this happen to anyone else,” said Benner.

Meanwhile, Benner and Washington D.C based attorney Nathan Finch are still  collecting discoveries in the class action lawsuit. The hope to go to trial  sometime next year.

Source: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/wayne_county/parents-fear-new-state-senate-bill-protects-malpracting-doctors#ixzz26Om2E1H2

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