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Study highlights medical malpractice involving children

Children are amongst the most vulnerable amongst us. One reason for this is because they are less able to clearly articulate themselves. In the medical context, this can make it challenging for doctors and nurses to identify symptoms of serious injuries or illnesses and make quick and accurate diagnoses. This sometimes leads to improper treatment, which, in turn, can lead to a worsened medical condition or death.

recently released study helps illustrate the types of medical errors that most often effect children. The study found that newborns that are subjected to medical malpractice most often suffer brain injuries. The most commonly injured body part amongst older children who were subjected to medical error was the brain. The likelihood that these injuries were considered severe reduced with a child’s age, meaning that newborns were more likely to suffer serious harm at the hands of medical negligence.

Another interesting part of the study was its assessment of why medical malpractice claims involving children were filed. With newborns, the most common reason was error by an obstetrician. For older children, though, the most common allegation was a failure to diagnose, a wrong diagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. However, all age groups saw a variety of alleged acts of medical malpractice, from anesthesia errors to surgical mistakes.

The grim reality is that children who are subjected to medical malpractice can have their futures ripped out from under them. They are oftentimes left with life-long disabilities and the emotional trauma that accompanies a child who is forced to live in such a condition. These damages can be overwhelming to children and their parents, and oftentimes the financial ramifications of these situations threaten to be ruinous. Yet, with the assistance of an aggressive legal advocate who knows how to hold negligent medical professionals accountable, these families may be able to impose liability, secure accountability and recover the compensation they deserve.

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