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Texting and driving still far too common

If a Michigander were to get in their car and drive for a half an hour, the chances are high that they would encounter multiple individuals who have taken their eyes off of the road to look at their cell phone. Sadly, this is the new reality. Motorists are often distracted by their cell phones, thereby putting innocent and unsuspecting motorists at risk of being involved in a car accident.

The problem is not getting any better, either. Despite public service initiatives and laws that seek to curtail texting and driving, the fact of the matter is that cell phone usage while driving seems to be on the increase. In fact, more than a third of all drivers have admitted to reading or sending a text message while driving within the last month despite 84 percent of them recognizing the dangers of doing so. This is troubling for a number of reasons, including the fact that those who use a cell phone while driving are just as impaired as someone with a BAC of 0.08 percent. Also, texting and driving can increase one’s chances of being involved in an accident by more than 500 percent.

Those who are injured in an accident by a distracted driver can face significant damages. They may be forced to miss work, resulting in lost wages, and they may require extensive medical care causing a victim to incur medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Many individuals are unable to handle these losses on their own, which means they are often threatened with financial instability. Fortunately, they may be able to recoup their losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them.

Successfully recovering compensation through one of these claims can be challenging, though. Unexpected evidentiary issues often arise, and defense attorneys are crafty in their tactics. For this reason, accident victims should think about acquiring the assistance of a skilled legal professional who may be able to help them build the strong legal arguments they need to impose liability, recover compensation, and get back to their normal lives.

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