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Traumatic brain injury can have profound impact

There are a whole host of injuries that an individual can suffer when involved in a car accident. Many Michigan residents are fortunate enough to escape these wrecks with minor injuries that heal in a matter of days and which have minimal, if any, effect on their daily lives. Other individuals, though, are not so fortunate. In fact, some of these accident victims are left with harm that is so severe that it completely disrupts their lives with little hope of recovering the life they once enjoyed.

Previously on the blog we discussed spinal cord injuries and their debilitating effect, but traumatic brain injuries can be just as damaging to sufferers. While relatively minor brain injuries can result in sleeping troubles, dizziness, fatigue, light sensitivity and difficulties related to memory and concentration, serious traumatic brain injuries can have much more long-term consequences.

To start, a serious brain injury can leave an individual comatose, and those who are not can suffer seizures, continuous vomiting and lingering strong headaches. They can also find themselves to be extremely confused and they may be unable to speak clearly. Some victims are left in a vegetative state or with a minimal amount of consciousness. Others are left completely brain dead. Even those who survive this type of brain injury can suffer paralysis of some body parts, cognitive impairment and trouble communicating.

This is post is an oversimplification of an injury that can have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of a victim’s life. Attempting to recover from such an injury can be trying in many ways, including physically, emotionally and financially. Although money cannot bring back one’s physical or mental health, it can help alleviate the costs associated with medical treatment and lost wages. This, in turn, can allow an individual to focus on obtaining the best medical treatment possible which could result in an improved quality of life. This compensation may be recoverable when the injuries suffered were caused by the negligence of another. Those who want to learn more about how to build one of these personal injury cases should think about meeting with an attorney of their choosing.

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