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Flint Medical Malpractice Attorney

Hospitals operating in Flint and surrounding communities are responsible for ensuring that the patients who enters their facilities receives the appropriate and necessary medical care. Hospitals are required to ensure that the medical professionals practicing in their facilities are capable of meeting the standards of care in their respective specialties. When patients suffer harm because of a hospital’s failure to meet these requirements, these incidents may result in medical malpractice claims.

Representing Flint, MI, Medical Malpractice Claims

Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC, has a team of experienced attorneys who have successfully assisted many past clients with medical malpractice claims in Flint. If you believe a local hospital bears responsibility for the damages that you suffered while under their care, our firm can provide the guidance and support needed to ensure accountability for your damages.

Flint Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

Defining Hospital Negligence in Flint

Hospital negligence occurs whenever a hospital fails to ensure that their patient is treated within the appropriate standards of care. A few examples of hospital negligence that can lead to a medical malpractice claim include:

  • Negligent hiring.
  • Inadequate training and safety protocols. Hospitals must ensure their staff receive proper training to perform their job duties appropriately and to ensuring safe patient outcomes. Hospitals may be liabile for malpractice claims if they fail to ensure that staff members have the training and experience to keep patients safe, or if they failed to enforce appropriate security measures which result in harm to patients.
  • Improper record management. If a hospital’s recordkeeping policies are lacking, it can result in patients undergoing unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments, and various other problems that may generate malpractice claims.

Hospital negligence can occur in many different ways. If you are unsure whether your injury in a Flint area hospital provides grounds for a medical malpractice claim, you should reach out to an experienced medical malpractice attorney right away. When you have Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC, as your counsel, we will guide you through the process.

FAQs About Flint, MI Medical Malpractice Law

Why Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Hospital Negligence Case?

Even if you think that medical malpractice occurred and that liability for your damages is perfectly clear medical malpractice is an area of law with many legal requirements that are difficult for patients to navigate. Your legal representative can handle your case proceedings while you focus on recovery.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

When you choose Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC, to represent you in a hospital malpractice case, we only take a percentage of the total amount we recover on your behalf if we win your case. There are no upfront fees to hire us.

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The team at Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC, is ready to provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to win your potential hospital negligence claim. Our firm has assisted many past clients with a wide range of various medical malpractice claims, and we are ready to put this experience to work in your case. If it’s time to learn how our team can help you, contact us right away to set up a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney.

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