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Kalamazoo Gynecological Malpractice Attorney

Thousands of women in Michigan trust their gynecologists to provide safe and effective treatment. Gynecology can entail preventative care as well as specific medical services, including surgical procedures. OB-GYNs in the Kalamazoo, MI area have a responsibility to minimize any risk of harm.

Malpractice occurs when a gynecologist in Kalamazoo fails to adhere to the applicable standard of care, causing their patient an injury. This means they are liable for the patient’s resulting damages. If you believe a local gynecologist has injured you or a loved one and violated the standard of care you should have received, you likely have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim.

Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC has years of professional experience representing injured clients in the Kalamazoo, MI area, including those injured by negligent gynecological care. Our team can help you meet the procedural demands of your case, reveal all claimable avenues of recovery, and guide you through the necessary procedures to hold the defendant accountable for their negligence.

Kalamazoo Gynecology Malpractice Lawyer

Filing Your Medical Malpractice Claim in Kalamazoo, MI

A Michigan medical malpractice claim is a form of personal injury claim, but there are special rules you must follow to file in Michigan. You cannot proceed directly with a civil claim against the gynecologist who injured you. First, you need to send a Notice of Intent to File Suit to the defendant, explaining your complaint and your intention to file a medical malpractice claim. Second, you must provide an affidavit of merit from a qualified medical professional.

The medical professional who provides this affidavit for your case must explain how the defendant failed to meet the standard of care you required for your condition. They must also explain what a similarly skilled physician in the same situation would have done differently. This is one of the most crucial components of any medical malpractice claim. When you choose Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC to represent your GYN case claim, we can arrange for a local gynecologist with similar credentials to the defendant in your case to provide this affidavit in support.

Recovering From Your Injury

Michigan law enables the plaintiff of a medical malpractice claim to seek full compensation for all economic losses sustained because of the defendant’s malpractice. These economic damages can include medical expenses for all corrective treatment the plaintiff required, lost income because of their injury, and the cost of any long-term medical treatments needed. When the plaintiff is left permanently disabled and their earning capacity has been diminished by the defendant’s actions, the defendant is liable for their future lost income as well.

For pain and suffering, Michigan state law caps noneconomic damages in medical malpractice claims, adjusting the limit each year to account for inflation and cost of living increases. This cap increases for plaintiffs who have suffered permanent harm from their experiences. Your Kalamazoo medical malpractice attorney can be a crucial asset to maximize the recovery you obtain for your gynecology malpractice injury.

When you choose Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC to represent you in a gynecology malpractice case, our team will display the compassion and discretion your case requires. Whether your case pertains to incompetently performed gynecological care, an incorrect diagnosis, or physical injury from negligence, we can assist in calculating your claimable damages. We can help you meet all applicable filing requirements so your case can proceed as swiftly as possible.

FAQs About Kalamazoo Gynecological, MI Malpractice Law

How Long Do You Have to File a Medical Malpractice Claim in Michigan?

The statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims in Michigan is two years, starting on the date an incident of malpractice occurs. However, this could delay if the defendant took steps to conceal their malpractice, engaged in fraud, or if the symptoms of the plaintiff’s injury were not immediately recognizable.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Medical Malpractice Claim in Kalamazoo, MI?

The time your case could require to reach a resolution depends on the clearness of liability and the scope of your damages. When a defendant is clearly responsible for an egregious breach of medical ethics, an incompetently performed gynecological procedure with catastrophic results, or failure to address obvious signs of a serious medical condition, they will likely seek to settle the case as soon as possible.

How Do I Report a GYN Medical Malpractice?

One prerequisite of any medical malpractice claim in Kalamazoo, MI is the affidavit of merit the plaintiff must submit with their Notice of Intent to File Suit to the defendant. The medical professional who completes this affidavit must attest to how, in their professional opinion, the defendant failed to meet the standard of care required.

How Much Is My GYN Medical Malpractice Claim Worth?

Michigan law enables the plaintiff in a medical malpractice claim to seek full recovery from all economic losses sustained because of the defendant’s actions, and they also have the right to recover pain and suffering compensation. However, state law limits the number of noneconomic damages they can obtain through their medical malpractice claim. Your Kalamazoo medical malpractice attorney can provide an estimate of your case’s total potential value.

Is It Worth Hiring a Kalamazoo Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

No matter what type of civil claim for damages you must file in Michigan, it is always worth investing in trustworthy legal counsel to guide you through your medical malpractice case. This is especially true for cases involving complex issues like medical malpractice and injuries from negligent gynecological care, such as a misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer or birth medical malpractice. Your legal team can have a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of your claim.

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Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC has vast experience representing Michigan clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including complex medical malpractice claims. If you or someone you love recently suffered an injury or developed a medical condition due to negligent gynecological care in the Kalamazoo, MI area, we can help. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with a Kalamazoo medical malpractice attorney.

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