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$17 million Jury Verdict - Surgical/hospital negligence

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$3.650 million Jury Verdict -Surgical/hospital negligence

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The infant death rate in the United States is far too high

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Birth Injuries

The United States is a developed nation with cutting-edge technology, an incredible annual income and some of the best doctors and nurses in the world. This should suggest that the infant death rate should be very low. However, though it is nowhere near the worst in the world, the infant mortality rate in this country is far too high — much higher than one might expect.

How the infant mortality rate in the U.S. compares to other countries

In the United States, the government lists the infant death rate at 5.80 deaths for every 1,000 live births. Similar countries are Serbia, which has exactly the same rate, Gibraltar, which clocks in at 5.90, and Bosnia, at 5.50. 

What is concerning isn’t so much how close the United States is to the highest rate (Afghanistan, at over 110), but how far away it is from the best in the world. The U.S. ranks 170th overall when it comes to safe births. You do not have to scroll that far to get to Australia at 184, but the rate is already 4.30, which is more than one child per 1,000 better than the U.S. If you go all the way to the top of the list, you find Monaco (1.80) and Japan (2.00). 

These are the two world leaders in this regard, and they are about three times better than the U.S. It is clear that there is a lot of ground left to gain if the United States wants to really take infant mortality seriously. 

Possible causes for the U.S. infant mortality rates

There are many possible causes for this high rate of infant mortality, including mistakes made by doctors during or shortly after birth. If your child has been injured or even passed away, you need to know what options you have. A birth injury or the death of your newborn is a devastating event. You deserve compassionate representation that will advocate for your rights throughout the aftermath.

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