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Broken noses are very common injuries in car accidents

When someone gets in a car accident, they can endure many different types of injuries, such as whiplash, broken bones, crushed ribs or any other number of injuries. One common type of car crash injury is a broken nose. Because your face is front and center, it’s easy for it to get hit by everything from a window to a windshield to the steering wheel.

If your nose feels painful to the touch, it’s most likely been broken. Another sign of a broken nose is that it has swollen to several times its usual size. Nosebleeds are not necessarily signs of broken noses, but they can happen when you break your nose. If you notice that mucus is running uncontrollably from your nose, it may be broken. If you look at your nose and notice that it’s bent or crooked, it could very well be broken.

Some people with broken noses report having difficulties breathing. Passages may have collapsed, preventing air from flowing through naturally. Another sign of a broken nose could be a crackling sound when touching the nose or breathing.

If you suspect that your nose has been broken after a car accident, you’ll need to receive medical attention. In the meantime, try to stop any bleeding. You want to position your nose so that it is higher than your heart. Bend your head forward so that the blood rolls into the back of your throat. While your head is bent forward, pinch the soft part of your nose between your fingers for about five minutes. If you experience swelling, get an ice pack if you have one. You’ll need to hold onto your nose for about 10 minutes. Remove the ice pack, wait a minute and replace the ice pack back onto the nose. Make sure that you’re lightly holding the ice pack on top of your nose and not pressing down on it.

People who’ve been injured in car accidents may want to work with personal injury attorneys who have experience in handling these types of cases. An experienced attorney may help you get the assistance you need to start the road to recovery.

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