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Extensive coffee drinking may lead to more truck crashes

You were injured at the hands of a truck driver while commuting here in Michigan. Many drive with a disregard for others’ safety, so you’re not alone. Now, you’re probably wondering in what way the trucker was negligent. Was it drowsiness, inattention or intoxication? Any number of things can factor into a crash.

In fact, a study published in the journal Safety Science says that high amounts of coffee may be raising the rate of crashes among certain truck drivers. It was conducted by a transport safety lecturer from the Loughborough University Design School together with members of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

More than 3,000 truckers involved

The study focused on 3,007 truckers from Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, Texas and California. These were chosen specifically for their coffee-drinking habits. One group said in the questionnaire that researchers provided that they drink only one cup of coffee daily while the second group admitted to drinking over five cups daily.

The questionnaire asked them whether they were in an accident in the past three years. There was a difference of around 6 percentage points as 21.6% of the low coffee drinkers and 27.8% of the high coffee drinkers said yes. While researchers cannot say there is a definite cause and effect relationship here, they are confident that future studies will make the connection clearer.

Excessive coffee drinking and health

Moreover, the high coffee drinkers reported worse health overall than the others. This was reflected in their poor diet, lack of restful sleep and habits like smoking and drinking lots of alcohol. Poor health can, indeed, make any driver more liable to crash.

Legal counsel for serious injury cases

With most motor vehicle crashes, victims can have their losses covered through personal injury protection. Truck crashes, though, can end in catastrophic injuries for those in the passenger vehicle. If this is true for you, then you may want a lawyer to determine if you can file a third-party insurance claim. Your case will be evaluated in light of Michigan’s comparative negligence rule. You may have the lawyer negotiate on your behalf as well.

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