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Fracturing the femur in a high-impact car crash

You may have been involved in a collision with a speeding driver and suffered serious injuries, including a fractured femur, that left you with lingering pain and a diminished capacity to earn a living. If you were not to blame, you may be eligible for compensation under personal injury law in Michigan.

Knowing about femur fractures

You should know that femur fractures arise more from car crashes than from any other event according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The fracture can occur at one of three sections: at the neck, which connects to the hip; along the shaft or midsection; or at the distal end, which links to the knee joint.

Knee fractures and fractures along the femoral shaft are most common among car accident victims while hip fractures are usually the result of elderly individuals falling. Fractures can be complete, even to the point where the bone is crushed and splintered, or partial, as in a stress fracture.

Medical attention needed right away

Most crash victims with a broken femur need to be transported directly to the hospital. There, doctors could surgically implant a metal rod and screws to reattach the pieces of bone and straighten it out. Metal plates may be used for hip and knee fractures. Doctors may provide antibiotics if the bone protruded out of the skin, posing a risk for infection.

If victims are not treated right away, they may die as a result of infection, blood clots or blood loss. Should they survive, they will likely undergo intensive rehabilitative care and physical therapy while taking prescription pain medications.

A lawyer to speak on your behalf

Assuming that your own insurance company cannot cover your losses, you may pursue a personal injury case, and it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer. A lawyer might bring in crash investigators and other third parties to help build up evidence against the defendant and determine a good amount for a settlement. The lawyer may then be able to negotiate for that amount.

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