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Survey shows drivers’ widespread concerns about distraction

Most people in Michigan are aware that distracted driving is a threat, even a rising threat, to all road users. Yet in spite of this awareness, few seem willing to amend their own behavior. The following results from an online survey should be of interest to all drivers.

Survey conducted by Netradyne

Netradyne, an artificial intelligence firm, held the survey from Feb. 25 to March 10, 2020, and a total of 1,248 drivers participated. All were 18 or older and had a standard driving license. When asked how often they used a car, whether their own or another’s, all said at least once a week.

Half of the respondents felt that driving was becoming more dangerous with 82% pointing specifically to distracted driving as something concerning. However, respondents themselves admitted to distracting behaviors, the most common being drinking liquids behind the wheel. Using social media was determined to be the most severe in terms of its effects.

Most drivers consider themselves safe

Twenty percent of respondents receive a fine or points on their license because of distracted driving, and one out of every seven caused a distracted driving crash and was either physically injured or left without a working vehicle. Yet 91% considered themselves safe drivers, and less than half thought they could improve in that area.

A lawyer to protect your rights

Most motor vehicle crashes in this state don’t lead to a personal injury claim, Michigan being a no-fault state. However, you may be thinking that your case will qualify because you suffered a threshold injury. A legal evaluation may help make the matter clearer. You may want to retain a lawyer to protect your right to compensatory damages. The lawyer may be able to negotiate on your behalf, taking the case to court only as the last resort.

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